Yau Gene

Hamdan (the representative) of SOFTNET Technologies and his team has demonstrated sound solution and technical experience and knowledge, has carried out the assigned collaborations successfully. As such, while we look forward to more collaboration opportunities in the future, we would like to thank Hamdan and team for the utmost support thus far.

Timothy Aron

SOFTNET Technologies has been always there to accommodate our requests even when the timeline seems unfeasible equipped with their dedicated staff an confident project leaders. we have managed to churn out several digital products and services in such a short amount of time, despite the major holidays. After service is well done and efficient when called for any last minute requests Remarkable and professional.

DR Mubbashir

Mr Hamdan is an excellent individual force behind many dynamic works. He has always shown the quality of work performed in a variety of digital tasks. I recently saw his own innovation around autonomous car and he really created that to a great perfection. He is a well mannered, knowledgeable, friendly and always found him eager to help. May ALLAH always bless you with the Best in all walks of life. Good Luck.

Christabel Wong

Hamdan from SOFTNET Technologies was impeccable giving a very comprehensive solution to our internal app for the brand team. He and his team will not accept sub optimal solution and always seeking best possible outcomes. Ensuring everything is being taken care and followed up. They will do whatever it takes to complete the job and the best solution architects I have ever worked with. Based on our experience together, I can confidently recommend SOFTNET Technologies for their services