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“We see ourselves as creative strategists, architects and engineers” rather than developers or programmers.


“Technology will not replace great teachers but
technology in the hands of great teachers can be transformational.”
– George Couros


To us, technology is an enabler; a bridge that connects anyone to anything, anywhere and at any one time. It is an open canvas that spurs creative ideation and solutioning from basic to complex technology requirements – website builds to mobile application creation to application development and technical solutioning (software and hardware).


By building a direct connection between your company and it’s consumers, SOFTNET ONLINE will help increase sales from your existing sales network (footprint), with our 1st of it’s kind Contest Management System.


A single solution that streamlines employee, asset, and payment management for business efficiency Save costs with a more efficient business process.Tailor the application according to your business needs

SOFTNET Exchange

Engage your customers on Whatsapp, the world most used social media platform. Emotional connect with all engaged users, each getting a sense of personal attention

HIMS - Hospital Information Management System

HIMS is a robust and user-friendly hospital management system that can help hospitals improve their efficiency, reduce errors, and provide better patient care.

Empowering Healthcare, Transforming Lives

Revolutionizing the future of healthcare, Healthsphere Solutions provides an extensive suite of cutting-edge IT solutions. We combine expertise with passion to deliver state-of-the-art healthcare solutions that changes lives.

HealthCare - Telemedicine

Streamline your clinic management with our cloud-based solution. Access patient records, schedule appointments, and manage billing from anywhere.

Softnet Technology Park

SOFTNET Technology Park is a premier learning center for tech education and skill mastery, tailored for career advancement and technological excellence.