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Revolutionize Your Healthcare Practice with KloudKlinik – The Future of Clinical Management.

About Us

SOFTNET Technologies is a leading provider of clinical automation solutions that are transforming healthcare delivery. With its flagship E-BHU framework, SOFTNET is delivering primary healthcare to remote and under-served communities in Malaysia, Qatar, USA, and Pakistan. 

Our Services

Fully Integrated Telemedicine platform for Online Consultations

Que Management

Optimize patient flow with our que management.

EMR & E-Prescription

Efficiently manage records with EMR & ePrescription.

Clinical Workflow

Effortlessly manage clinical workflow and billing with KloudKlinik.


Connect with patients remotely with our Telemedicine platform.

Why Choose Us

Quickest installation

Based on our experience, one SME Medical Center can go live with CloudClinik in 2-4 weeks positively.

Data Security & Privacy

Patients data is hosted at one of the finest quality of data centers ensuring compliance with HIPPA, the industry standard guidelines for data privacy and security.

No Upfront Investment

EMR is offered as fully managed SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution requiring no upfront investment in software licensing or hardware infrastructure.

Scalability & Adaptability

EMR can be scaled up to chain of multiple clinics and healthcare facilities with no hassle and can be connected with existing sites simultaneously keeping patients database centralized.

Support & Maintenance

EMR ensures the highest level of support and services to clinics resulting in enhanced productivity and patient care.

List of Satisfied Customers

A Cloud based Digital Healthcare Platform that endeavors to take advantage of the internet to provide quality care by automating small to mid size healthcare facilities across Emerging Economies.